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Grant Program


Grant Program Background

Designated by Congress in 1994, Cane River National Heritage Area is a non-profit organization that works to identify, preserve, and promote the Cane River region's unique culture so more people can understand and celebrate our region's diverse and nationally important heritage. 

Like most NHA's, Cane River NHA uses a grassroots, community-driven approach to heritage conservation and economic development. Through public-private partnerships, Cane River NHA supports Historic Preservation, Conservation & Collections Management, Land & Water Conservation, Recreation, Heritage Education & Interpretation, Promotion & Marketing. Leveraging funds and long-term support for projects, Cane River NHA partnerships foster pride of place and an enduring stewardship ethic.

Since its inception, the grant program has provided funding to projects that fulfill our mission to protect, preserve, and promote Cane River resources, cultural landscapes, and history.  More importantly, the grants administered to our heritage partners have made a demonstrable economic impact within our community.

  • More than 225 new partnerships have been forged with individuals, community organizations, local, state, and federal entities.
  • 1,500 jobs have been created through projects and programs.
  • Over 60,000 volunteer participation hours were fostered, translating into an estimated $1.3 million value of in-kind support.

Since 1999, over $5.6 million in funding has been awarded to 312 projects. Those projects have leveraged more than $37.4 million in cash and in-kind support from partners.

  • 83 historic preservation projects, resulting in 32 buildings being restored or rehabilitated and the conservation of numerous historical documents.
  • 82 research projects produced information about the region's various cultural groups, including Caddo Indian, African American, Creole, Adaesaño Spanish, and civil rights.
  • 93 interpretation and education projects led to exhibits and documentaries, children's programs, online information, books, brochures, and other publications.
  • 17 landscape preservation projects worked to preserve and document the region's natural resources.
  • 37 heritage tourism projects, including the signage and wayfinding program, contributed to additional tourism spending and promotion of rural tourism in the region. 

Program Goal

The CRNHA Grant Program is an integral component of the Cane River National Heritage Area's operation and heritage preservation advancement within our region.  Our Program Goal is to provide individuals, communities, and organizations a resource to support, cultivate or facilitate projects that align with our Mission and commitment to the Cane River Area's cultural legacy.

Projects receiving funding through this program become a link in a partnership chain that starts at the federal level with Congress and ends at the grassroots level with local organizations and communities.