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Grant Program

Since its inception in 1999, the CRNHA competitive grants program has provided more than five million dollars in funding to local preservation and heritage development projects. 

  • General Competitive Grants: This is the main granting program for CRNHA. The award range for competitive grants is $1,500 to $10,000. Applicants must complete and submit a copy of the grant application form to be considered for a competitive grant award.
  • Small Request Grants: Requests may be submitted for funding of small projects. The award limit for small request grants is $1,500 or less. Small Request applicants must complete and submit a copy of the general competitive grant application.
  • Special Project Grants: CRNHA may fund 1 to 2 awards for Special Projects per fiscal year. These are high-level, multi-phase (year) preservation, construction or development projects with a budget of more than $10,000. Special Project Grant applicants must arrange for consultation with the program director prior to submitting an application. Special Project Grants applicants will use the same application form and guidelines as the Competitive Grant Program.

Viable projects in each category must show a solid relation to preservation, interpretation, and promotion of the region’s resources with an emphasis on establishing partnerships; produce a one-to-one match of funds from a non-federal source; demonstrate a clear benefit to the public; and have a significant impact on the Cane River National Heritage Area.

All Competitive and Small Request Grant projects must be undertaken and completed within a 12-month period starting with the beginning of the fiscal year (October 1).

Application and Guidelines

Competitive Grant Criteria

Competitive Grant Application & Guidelines