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Exploring Cane River

Take a Cultural Journey and explore the Cane River National Heritage Area. The Cane River Lake, an oxbow lake that once was the primary channel of the mighty Red River, defines the region today, just as it has for over three centuries. The stories of Cane River’s people are brimming with the contrasts that comprise our nation’s history-conquest and colonialism, militarism and peace, wealth and poverty, slavery and freedom.

Immerse yourself in the Cane River region’s rich history and vibrant living traditions. Take a leisurely drive along the Cane River National Heritage Trail, a Louisiana Scenic Byway and explore historic homes and plantations. Hike local trails at Kisatchie National Forest and shop, dine and stay in the Natchitoches National Historic Landmark District.

Download a copy of our Trail Guide, the map of Cane River National Heritage Area, and the Cane River National Historic Landmark District map. Together, they will provide an introduction to the complex story of Natchitoches and the Cane River region - a story that offers a multitude of fascinating twists and turns, and as it has for more than three centuries, draws explorers in for a closer look.